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USAP is shaping the future of anesthesia.

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"As a physician anesthesiologist at USAP, I get my data. I can see how I stand. If I can see the yardstick, if I can see the measure, I will get better."

We’re Focused on Quality

Single-specialty focus

Single-specialty focus

Our exclusive focus on anesthesia and unwavering commitment to quality provide an unmatched depth of expertise in anesthesia care. We aren’t trying to do all things — we are committed to doing one thing with excellence.

High caliber providers

High caliber clinicians

USAP only partners with leading anesthesia groups focused on quality. Our clinicians are knowledgeable thought leaders and include some of the world’s foremost experts in anesthesia. 

Local clinical governance

Local clinical governance

Each physician group has its own clinical governance board, which is responsible for all clinical decision-making for their practice. 

Clinical Quality Committee

Clinical Quality Committee

Our Clinical Quality Committee guides the clinical quality of our entire organization to ensure all of our patients get the best care. Members discuss rare cases, complications, research, data, lessons learned and best practices.

Sharing Best Practices

Sharing best practices

Our clinicians share best practices through our clinical quality committees and national network of clinicians. Sharing drives improvements in all areas of our clinical practice, increasing patient safety, outcomes and satisfaction.

Routine measurement of patient satisfaction

Routine measurement of patient satisfaction

We continually invest in understanding outcomes by asking for feedback from every patient. We then apply sophisticated analytics and gain valuable information and insight that can be shared with clinicians in aggregate or at the individual level. We can also share learnings and data with our surgeon and hospital colleagues to drive continued improvement.

Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Program — Proven, Positive Results

No other anesthesia group does everything that we do

Our CQI program is a data-driven, clinical care and risk management program with proven, positive results. We monitor 50 different clinical quality indicators, digitally collecting the data from every case, every day, at every facility we serve. Our best-in-class IT tools and advanced analytics allow us to generate accurate quality data and yield greater insight into quality patient care.

By measuring our own quality metrics, we gain a visual of our impact on patient satisfaction, outcomes, OR efficiencies and more. We use this data to improve our care and enhance the patient experience. yielding greater insight into patient care. And, we can share this data through our quality dashboards with hospitals, ASCs, health systems, payers and other partners.


Above the national bar for patient satisfaction

We capture clinical outcome data for every case, using MD Cloud or Medaxion apps, via mobile phones and tablets. We then share the data, down to the individual clinician level, so everyone knows exactly where they stand.

We exceed national benchmarks in many of the most important quality measures, such as mortality, hospital length of stay and patient satisfaction.


National Mean Anesthesia Patient Satisfaction Scores
All USAP practice groups are above the national mean for anesthesia patient satisfaction scores.


Our data drives improvements to our care

The more data we collect and analyze, the better able we are to continually improve and deliver the best patient care, patient outcomes, reduce hospital lengths of stay, reduce disruptions caused by day-of-surgery cancellations and schedule changes, drive down costs and enhance the patient experience.

Examples of this include:

  • Bundle Compliance vs. LOS: We work with surgical and facility partners to improve operational efficiency. For example, there are more than four dozen different "Enhanced Recovery" or "Perioperative Surgical Home" pathways within different institutions. We lead or participate in ERAS or PSH projects at multiple sites, typically focused on colorectal surgery, total joint replacement, spine surgery, or major urologic procedures. We have documented reductions in length of stay and total cost of care associated with these efforts. These projects have produced documented reductions in cost-per-case and length of stay for our hospital partners.
  • Immediate Perioperative Mortality Rate: USAP is the largest and leading participant in the National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry. Our outcomes speak for themselves — we use NACOR benchmarks to compare ourselves to other practices.
  • Meeting Joint Commission requirements: We provide OPPE and Hospital Compare data to our hospital partners
  • Direct path to clinical leadership: Every clinician has direct access to the Chief Quality Officer to request data, analysis or advice.  Dr. Dutton is the, former Chief Quality Officer of the American Society of Anesthesiologists and founder of the National Anesthesia Clinical Outcomes Registry. He represents our specialty in numerous influential ways, including with CMS, AHRQ and the National Quality Forum.


Patient feedback

We solicit patient satisfaction information for every case. If we have an unsatisfied patient we individually follow-up with them and ask for details.

Patients use Survey Vitals
Patients complete surveys about their experience. If they identify that they were unsatisfied, we always follow up to ensure that their problem is resolved.


Using the data gathered from patients we actively promote improvements in safety and quality. Additionally, in our monthly digest to all clinicians, we have had a series of articles focused on clinical care, covering topics such as Exparel, Sugammadex, pediatric anesthetic effects on the brain, corneal abrasion prevention and dural puncture headache prophylaxis.

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